·Version 1.00.3 annouced. (Tenatively - 11/22/04)
-Better Refresh AIML Set
-Fix misc bugs
-Feature freeze (Concentrate soley on bugs)

·Version 1.00.2 is out! The release is out and includes the following features:
-Changed setup look and feel
-Edit AIML files (With Restore Previous function)
-Refresh AIML set (Edit your AIML files and use this to compile them back in.)
-Better Loading bot interface
-Access certain sections of website from within the application
-All documentation is now online
-Can say long answers now
-Couple of other bug fixes (test drive & Dax AIML DLL)

·Version 1.00.2 has been delayed and is currently scheduled for 10/31/2004. I've packed in a few "can't live without" features and have remade a fair amount of stuff. More information to come on 10/31/2004.

·Version 1.00.2 annouced. (Tenatively - 10/24/2004) Upcoming version will include:

-Stability fixes in the C++ engine
-Create good timer function
-Ability to do long answers (Dependent on good timer)
-Bot-Bot interaction (Dependent on good timer)


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